Halal Restaurants in Barcelona

This article could also be seen on HHWT Barcelona is the #1 most visited city in Spain. For most of my Muslim brothers and sisters, a trip to this popular Spanish city means a search for halal food. Well don’t worry, because I’ve got you covered! Most Halal restaurants are located in Las Ramblas on [...]

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The U.S. Election

It is 4a.m in my city . I watch  the U.S. election anxiously as the candidate for the republican party supersedes in votes.  “This cannot be! Please any other candidate but HIM!” I say to myself. “ But the media’s prediction earlier was totally different from what is actually happening now?”, I continue in shock.  [...]

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Lagos: Eat, See, Do

  This is a guest post by Lagosian, Aminat. Aminat is a freelance business developer who loves to explore and go on adventures in her free time. On a budget.  She is an advocate and supporter of social change. ________________________________________________________________________________________________   Lagos is the  largest city in Nigeria with nearly 16 million residents. Just like any other [...]

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