Ramadan Around the World

  This month's posts are all about Ramadan and helping others. Ramadan is the holiest month for Muslims where they fast, give charity and improve themselves. If you want to know more about Ramadan check my previous posts: 9 things Muslims are guilty of during Ramadan, and Traveling while fasting . Ever wonder what Ramadan is like [...]

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Is it even halal?

Halal means something that is permissible to eat.  Foods that are not Halal for Muslims are Pork and Alcohol. However the way the animal for consumption is slaughtered or killed could make it Halal or Haram (Forbidden).  Many restaurant owners who cater to Muslims usually advertise that their restaurants or Halal or Halal certified. Is [...]

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Chefugee : An enlightening experience.

We are currently in the month of Ramadan, a month that encourages Muslims to fast, help others and be thankful for our blessings.  Natalia Diaz is not a Muslim nor is she fasting this month but she started Chefugee, a concept that is continually preached to people of faith and humans in general. If you [...]

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The Basque Country: A Must Visit

In the Northern most part of Spain lies Pais Vasco, bordered by the Pyrenees Mountain and a close neighbor to France. Pais Vasco AKA Euskadi Aka The Basque Country, is mostly overshadowed by other popular tourist destinations in Spain The Basque country has one of the best gastronomy in the world and is known for [...]

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5 Must Try Halal Restaurants in Granada

Andalusia is the most visited region in Spain by Muslims due to its prominent Islamic history. One major city in Andalusia is Granada.  Granada is a must see for all tourists. For Muslims visiting Granada, the main attraction is the Alhambra and its surrounding areas. Granada's strong Islamic history and close proximity to North Africa, [...]

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Traveling while fasting

Ramadan (Fasting)  is around the corner and a lot of Muslims have already started their Ramadan resolutions; Be kinder to  parents, Give out more to charity, Avoid gossip etc. Some Muslims plan on cutting down on their regular physical or possibly strenuous activities just for the moment; especially traveling.  At least that's what I thought [...]

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Top 4 Tips for Booking an Airbnb

My first Airbnb experience was on a beautiful sunny September in  Madrid, Spain.  I was nervous and I didn't know what to expect. However I felt assured because the host was very responsive through the agreed medium of communication. My Madrid host was the most caring and helpful stranger, I had ever met. Even during [...]

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