The Basque Country: A Must Visit

In the Northern most part of Spain lies Pais Vasco, bordered by the Pyrenees Mountain and a close neighbor to France. Pais Vasco AKA Euskadi Aka The Basque Country, is mostly overshadowed by other popular tourist destinations in Spain The Basque country has one of the best gastronomy in the world and is known for [...]

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5 Must Try Halal Restaurants in Granada

Andalusia is the most visited region in Spain by Muslims due to its prominent Islamic history. One major city in Andalusia is Granada.  Granada is a must see for all tourists. For Muslims visiting Granada, the main attraction is the Alhambra and its surrounding areas. Granada's strong Islamic history and close proximity to North Africa, [...]

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Halal Restaurants in Barcelona

This article could also be seen on HHWT Barcelona is the #1 most visited city in Spain. For most of my Muslim brothers and sisters, a trip to this popular Spanish city means a search for halal food. Well don’t worry, because I’ve got you covered! Most Halal restaurants are located in Las Ramblas on [...]

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Moving 2 Spain: Accommodation

Looking for a place to stay in Madrid can be a daunting task especially during the peak seasons. The task is grueling and stressful but it usually ends up working out. Below are some tips on finding the right accommodation in Madrid and Spain in general. Temporary Accommodation Hostels Airbnb- I personally prefer this method. [...]

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