My parents won’t let me

One of the biggest obstacle for traveling or moving to another location are our parents.  Some of us have parents that  are cool with us going anywhere  as long as they know where. It is not always that easy for the rest of us.  Going to visit a friend involves a lengthy process (usually one week ) of convincing. So you can imagine asking your parents to travel could involve a lot of begging, crying, convincing  and sometimes eventually reaching an agreement. 

I have heard of some individuals with strict parents just book their flight and then say “Dad, Mum so this is what’s gonna happen”. I’ve also heard of others, have someone lie for them about a trip etc. I am not suggesting any of the options above but this is the reality of the situation. 

Dealing with parents can be tricky because they love you and have fear of a possible harm to affect their child. At the same time you love them but you want to take some risks and grow as a person.  

I am a product of strict parents, I feel your pain.  I’ve had to go through some hurdles before getting where I am.  So how do you reach an equal ground of understanding?  Below are some tips, I’ve gathered together based on my experience and those of other travelers with strict parents. 

  • Know your parents
  • Give them time
  • Help them understand you and your goal
  • Provide information from reputable sources, real life experiences, school authority etc
  • explain to them the benefit
  • Show them you are willing and committed to FULFILL your travel goal
  • Be persistent
  • Involve them in the (entire) process
  • Inform them where you’ll be staying, emergency contact numbers etc

The tips above are not a sure way to get your parents on board but an option which has worked for many people.  Although our parents can be tough on us, keep in mind it’s out of love and protection. At the end of the day, they want what’s best for us. 


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