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Meet Zain and Huda!

 I got the opportunity to interview Zain and Huda from Muslim Travelers! What makes Zain and Huda so special? Well they travel around the world together as a couple and full time professionals! For some of [...]

Yasmin: Spanish Entrepreneur

Walking through Calle de salvador on a Friday afternoon, one can see crowds of men and women from different backgrounds coming in and out of the Centro Cultural Islamico in Madrid for spiritual feeding.  Just [...]

Matthew J. Martin: Islamic Finance

  Meet Matthew, CEO and Founder of Blossom Finance; an organization that helps Muslims obtain loans without breaking Islamic law. Follow our conversation as we discuss the influence, purpose and success of Blossom Finance.  Listen [...]

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Asma from Austria Part 2

  We continue from where we left off regarding Asma's influences. Right now we learn about Asma's travel recommendation and what Austrian food you must try. Stay tuned. https://soundcloud.com/user-79460369/asma-from-austria-part-2 Welcome back listeners. In our first [...]

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