2016.  What a year you have been. 

2016 has been great.  Honestly, it flew by so fast that I don’t even know how it’s already the last day in December.

The beginning of 2016 was quite rough for me. I was challenged professionally, emotionally and financially.  I prayed that what I was going through would be temporary. The next month everything fell into place. I got to travel to places on my bucket list and met amazing people. Another major highlight of 2016 was getting invited to Michelle Obama’s Let Girls Learn program where I got to see my first lady speak live! It was a surreal experience.  I was right in front of her struggling with my camera to take a selfie, my phone decided to freeze at that moment (go figure). However, I yelled “Michelle” and the warm smile she gave me was enough to make me feel happy.  Despite that I took a selfie with the queen of Spain. 

2016 was a year full of changes and tragic events. People dying in France, Belgium, Germany, Turkey, Indonesia, Thailand, Egypt, Nigeria, U.S, Switzerland etc. Also  we lost a respectable figure; Muhammad Ali. ( May his soul rest in peace).  Some of the biggest changes we faced in 2016 was Brexit and the U.S. elections. 

Regardless off the events that happened in 2016,  I learnt a couple of things from it.

  • When something bad is happening to you, its o.k to feel upset but don’t do so for too long. Start focusing on the good things you have and are grateful for in your life
  • Stuff happens, what matters is your response to it.
  • Some people aren’t in your best interest. Many people are out for themselves and what suits them.
  • Be careful who you trust or open up to.
  • Don’t believe something unless it’s written and signed. “Talk is Cheap”.
  • Once you’ve completed a place on your bucket list, the list keeps getting longer. 
  • When you’ve been bitten by the travel bug,  there’s no way back  
  • Be confident with who you are.
  • Always have a plan B.
  • Don’t do things because it’s socially acceptable. Do things because it’s morally and humanely right.
  • Avoid talking politics in public.

With all the good and bad things I experienced in 2016, I still keep smiling and sharing my story.  I know what I am doing is different and I have to be brave for my family and the people that I may inspire. 


Last year, I made a list of a couple things I hope to achieve.  I would say I have accomplished 80% of them aA . Most of them will spill over to the next year.  In addition to the ongoing 2016 resolutions, this is for 2017 onwards

  • Improve Self spiritually, personally, and professionally.
  • Be there for the family.
  • Travel more…….
  • Be around inspirational people.
  • Start writing a book.

iA, I hope to achieve them all. I pray for 2017 to be a year of peace around the world. I pray for great opportunities for me, my family, my friends and everyone. 

What are your resolutions for 2017?