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Madrid, the city ALWAYS overlooked for its “beach” sister of the east, Barcelona. I find myself having to explain to my friends why they should consider visiting Madrid.  Madrid is the best city I have ever lived in my life, yes I said it. Bold huh? Ok, to be fair I haven’t been to New York or Tokyo so maybe I’m reaching a bit. But,  I found myself falling in love with Madrid every day. How about visiting Madrid? is it still awesome, well I’ll leave that response to you (psst. the answer is still yes). I’m here to help you fall in love with Madrid as I did. If you are already aware of Madrid’s awesomeness (virtual high five)  or you are considering Madrid. I’ve got you covered.  Here, I have enlisted in popular locations and even hidden gems. Check out this 3-day halal guide in Madrid.  I’ll be planning on a Friday – Sunday basis however it is applicable to any day of the week.

Day 1


Garnier (Breakfast)

Address: All around Madrid (Google for the nearest one)
Price: €

You can start your day with a light and scrumptious Spanish breakfast at Granier.  Breakfast here is cheap but with good quality. For one person, you can spend 6€ for a decent meal.  At Granier, you can find most of the common Spanish breakfast pastries.  What does a Spanish breakfast typically consist of, you may wonder? Well Spanish breakfast is light and usually includes Coffee with Milk ,  Fresh tomato sauce poured on toasted bread, huge Palomitas- a sweet pastry that looks like a heart shape, Churros with warm chocolate syrup, Spanish tortilla, Napolitano (A flaky pastry filled with chocolate or cream custard), the list can go on but I’ll stop here.

La Musa (Lunch)

Address: Calle de Manuela Malasaña, 18, 28004 Madrid, Spain
Price: €

A great and inexpensive place for lunch. Located in Malasaña. The food is mostly Spanish and Mediterranean.  They also have options for Menú del día also known as Menu of the day. This is a popular style for lunch in Spain, between 1 pm- 4 pm. It is usually the heaviest meal of the day.  With this style, you get to enjoy an appetizer, main dish, and dessert for a very good price. I never pay more than 10 € in Madrid for a fulfilling Menú del día.

Tip: I advise you to choose a seafood or vegetarian option here.



Reina Sofia Museum

Address: Calle de Santa Isabel, 52, 28012 Madrid, Spain
Hours: 10am- 9pm

Prices start at 8€

Free on Friday

If you are interested in Paintings and Artwork from the likes of Picasso, Juan Miro, Salvador Dali, etc. This is the place for you. I am not really a Museum fan but the works here caught my attention. If you can, check out the terrace on the topmost floor, relax and watch the view.

Atocha station

A gorgeous station that does local, national and international journeys. The Atocha station is the largest station in Madrid

La Caixa forum

Address: Paseo del Prado, 36, 28014 Madrid, Spain

Sometimes free. Check out the art exhibits there.

Ice cream break–  Anywhere in Sol

Sunset at Templo de debod

Halal Guide in Madrid-Templo de debod

Address: Calle Ferraz, 1, 28008 Madrid, Spain

Free for the stunning outside view and tiny fee to go in.

Tip: The outside view is the best view.

 You can also have a picnic here.


Mosque M-30 

halal guide in Madrid-m30

Address: Calle Salvador de Madariaga, 7, 28027 Madrid, Spain

On Friday Jummah (Congregational) prayer starts at 3 pm, Khutbah (Sermon): 2:30 pm.  I suggest that you give yourself some ample time in preparation to head out to the M-30 mosque as it is a bit far from the center and prayer finishes during rush hours.

Retiro Park

Halal guide in Madrid-Retiro

If you know me, you’ll know I love natural sceneries. The park is one place you can spend a great time without paying a euro/dollar for the most part. Retiro is a huge 350 acres park, so it can take you a couple of hours to explore. Here you can walk around, have a picnic on the grass, watch people ride boats or kayaks on the man-made lake while listening to the music from Buskers.  You can even ride on the boat for 5€.

Tip: It is cheaper to rent a boat during the week  than the weekend.

Don’t forget to check out the Crystal Palace.

Selfie at the La Caixa forum

Halal guide in Madrid- La Caixa

The leaves and flowers change every season, Spring blossoms the most colorful display.  This picture was taken in Winter. Isn’t it cute?.

Walk around Sol

Halal guide in Madrid-Sol


It’s hard to get bored in sol. There is always an activity going on or someonething dying to entertain you.  Once in a while, you might catch creepy cartoon figures (A skinny Santa Clause, A fat Spider-Man, distorted Pikachu) that would question your childhood memories. You get the picture, there is always something that would catch your attention is sol.

Shop in Sol


Halal guide in Madrid- Sol

Stop by your favorite European brands and shop till you drop. You can find stores like the one and only Zara, Bershka, Parfois, Sfera, Okeysi, Cortes Ingles, etc.

Tip: January and July have mad sales all over Madrid!


Day 2


*San Gines* or  La Bicicleta (Breakfast) (Include Restaurant info)

San Gines

Address: Pasadizo de San Gines, 5, 28013 Madrid, Spain
Price: €

La Bicicleta

Address: Plaza de San Ildefonso, 9, 28004 Madrid, Spain
Price: €€

Do you wanna continue eating like the Spanish?, then head to San Gines which has the best Churros dipped in thick warm chocolate syrup!  Not feeling a Spanish breakfast and want something more filling then La Bicicleta is where you should be. I should also mention that La Bicicleta is great for your lit Instagram pics.

Nuria Restaurante Etiope (Lunch)


Halal Guide in Madrid- Nuria Etiope

Address: Calle de Manuela Malasaña, 6, 28004 Madrid, Spain
HoursOpen 11:30 AM–12:30 AM
Price: €€

If you are craving delicious Ethiopian food this is the place to go.  A bit on the pricier side however the meals are worth it!

Mimi’s Creperia (Dinner)

Address: Calle Postas, 17, 28012 Madrid, Spain
Price: €

Mimi’s has very tasty crêpes with a wide variety of selections to choose from. I wish I had known of this place earlier.


Sunset at Circulo de Bellas Artes/Sunset at Cibeles

Halal Guide in Madrid- Circulo Bellas ArtesView from Circulos Bellas Artes, looking towards Palacio Cibeles

Circulos de Bellas Artes

Address: Calle de Alcalá, 42, 28014 Madrid, Spain


Palacio Cibeles

Address: Palacio de Cibeles, Plaza Cibeles, 1, 28014 Madrid, Spain

Just go to one of the rooftops in either of these buildings. You’ll thank me afterward.  Cirulos de bellas artes costs 4€   while The Cibeles  Palace costs 3€  BUT Cibeles is free every first Wednesday of the month. Make sure to reserve in advance for Cibeles. You are welcome!


Walk through the Madrid’s hipster neighborhood of Malasaña

Halal guide in Madrid-Malasana


Football Stadium: Atletico VS Real Madrid

Halal Guide in Madrid- Atletico

Halal Guide in Madrid- Real Madrid

If you are a soccer (football) fan, then it’s imperative that you go to one of the stadiums. There are two major stadiums in Madrid. Santiago Bernabeu, home of The One, The Only Real Madrid or, for Atletico Madrid. Both are huge rivals, after F.C. Barcelona for Real Madrid of course.  Tickets for Real Madrid need to be booked far in advance although they are usually expensive you can sometimes find good deals for like 40€  a seat. Atletico Madrid’s tickets are more economical compared to Real Madrid.  Whatever Team’s stadium you go to, you are guaranteed a fun and exciting time!

La Romana (Ice Cream Break)

Halal Guide in Madrid- La Romana

One of the best Ice cream places in Madrid.

Take a selfie at Cibeles at night

Halal Guide in Madrid-Cibeles

The view of The Cibeles Palace is stunning during the day, afternoon and night! There is no wrong time to take a selfie in front of the Palace.

Day 3


La Mallorquina (Breakfast)

Halal Guide in Madrid- La Mallorquina

Address: Calle Mayor, 2, 28013 Madrid, Spain

Do you have a sweet tooth? Awesome! Makes both of us.  La Mallorquina is the place to be for your sweet fix. It is the best pastry shop in Madrid. Coming out of metro sol, you can smell the warm, sweet doughy delights that draw you to its entrance. If that doesn’t do the trick then the window display showcasing Spain’s finest pastries should solidify your decision to pop in.

100 Montaditos/Takos Al Pastor (Lunch)

Halal Guide in Madrid- 100 Montaditos

Tapas from 100 Montaditos

100 Montaditos

Address: Could be found anywhere in Madrid (Google the nearest location)

Hours: 9:30 AM–12 AM

Price: €

Takos Al Pastor

Address: Calle Botoneras, 7, 28012 Madrid, Spain
Hours: 1:30 PM–12 AM
Price: €

Are you feeling like trying Spanish tapas for a dirt cheap price, 100 Montaditos is where you should be. I should add that all the meals cost €1 on Sunday and Wednesday. Not in the mood for  Spanish tapas, then go to Takos Al Pastor. The best Mexican Taco place in Madrid. It is truly a gem! Even Mexican locals approve of this place, now that’s a sealed deal!

Arroceria Marina Ventura (Dinner)

I saved the best for the last. Try real Paella, (close to what they have in Valencia) at Arroceria Marina Ventura. It is located in sol but away from all the tourist. Here you will be fed like Royalty, leaving you a pleasant lasting impression of Spain. Olé



Parque Rio Manzanares

Halal Guide in Madrid- Manzanares

Address: Metro Piramides (line 5)

This is my second favorite park after Retiro. It was created along the Manzanares river. I am not sure how big this park is but the river is 57 miles long.   Like all parks, you can take a stroll, have a picnic, rollerblade/skate, etc. The most interesting activity for me to do is watching the Spanish people go about their daily lives in the most spontaneous way possible.  Families playing with their kids, couples even older couples ) going on a date,  senior citizens gathering for a chat, etc. If you are lucky you can even see Capoeira or Swing dance performances by Spanish locals. Whatever you do at Parque Rio Manzanares make sure to check out the Spiral bridge.

Check out the Mercado de San Miguel

Halal Guide in Madrid- Mercado de San Miguel

Address: Plaza de San Miguel, 3, 28005 Madrid, Spain
Price: €€

A cute gourmet market around sol area. Here you will find all sorts of interesting Spanish and Japanese dishes.  Be warned; Mercado de San Miguel is catered to tourists so it might be a bit pricey.




Palacio Real

Halal Guide in Madrid-Palacio Real

Address: Calle de Bailén, s/n, 28071 Madrid, Spain
Price: €

A must go to Palace for the cultural experience. It’s gorgeous both inside and outside, perfect for a good selfie.  Like some European countries, Spain still has a Royal family. Although Palacio Real means the Royal Palace, the family doesn’t live here. They live on the outskirts of Madrid in Palacio Zarzuela. Tickets for the Palacio Real starts at 5€

Rent a bike through the Parque Manzanares

Shop at Gran via

Halal Guide in Madrid- Gran Via

Still wanna shop some more? you can check out Gran via which you most likely did as it well connected to sol. Gran via is a long street with many clothing stores, restaurants, bookshops and many more. I must warn you though; Gran via is always full of people especially during the weekend. So make sure to hold your belongings tight and watch out for pickpockets.  As you carefully walk through the bustling streets of Gran Via, you’ll notice huge stores such as Primark (It’s literally a mall), H&M, etc, make sure to check those out.


If this list kept you busy and entertained for 3 days, then my job here is done! But in the unlikely chance that you still have more time left or *gasp* you’ve run out of activities, here are some more places to check out:

Book a Madrid Arabic  Tour to learn about Madrid’s Islamic past

Halal Guide in Madrid- Madryt Tour Halal Guide in Madrid- Madryt Tour

Selfie in front of Plaza Del Toro where Bullfighting takes place

Halal Guide in Madrid- Toro

Teleferico, a cable car ride that oversees most of Madrid

Warner Park, an amusement park.

Stay Tuned for a 7-day guide for Madrid.

I hope you felt inspired! 

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Day 1



La Musa




Reina Sofia Museum- Free on Friday

Atocha station

La Caixa forum

Ice cream break-

Sunset at Templo de debod


Mosque- M-30

Retiro park- Ride a boat,  Crystal palace, Picnic, Stroll

Selfie at the La Caixa forum

Walk around sol

Shop in Sol- Zara, Bershka, Parfois, Sfera, Okeysi, Cortes Ingles etc.


Day 2

Take a selfie at cibeles at night


Breakfast- *San Gines*/ La Bicicleta

Lunch-  Nuria- ethiopian

Dinner-   Mimi's creperia



Sunset at Circulo bellas artes/Sunset at Cibeles

Walk through the Madrid's hipster neighborhood of Malasaña



Football Stadium: Atletico VS Real Madrid

Ice cream break- La Romana

Day 3


Breakfast- La Mallorquina

Lunch-   100 montaditos/takos al pastor

Dinner-  Arroceria Marina Ventura



Parque Manzanares- the spiral bridge, people watch

Check out the Mercado de San Miguel




Palacio Real

Rent a bike through the Parque Manzanares

Ice cream break- La Romana

Shop at Gran via- Similar brands as in Sol but there is a bigger H&M, Primark with 3 floors (Basically a mall), Massimo dutti,