Highlighting Underrepresented Voices

When we see Muslims in the news, it is often not for a positive reason. The truth is that being a Muslim isn’t simply black and white.

Hello! I’m Kareeemah, founder of Hijabiglobetrotter (HGT). I created this platform in order to share my first solo journey abroad, shed light on the real-life of a Muslim, and mostly to connect with a community of travel lovers like myself.

My love for travel started at the age of six on my first trip abroad. After this life-changing experience, I had always craved for more. I engaged myself with atlases, encyclopedias, and world explorer computer games. Being in a multicultural environment influenced my passion. However, the biggest influence in my life is my parents. I am very grateful for them.

I’ve always dreaded the question “What do you want to be when you grow up”. As a toddler, the answer was easy, “I want to become a doctor.” In college, I always felt something was missing. I thought deep. Culture, language learning, connecting with people, and traveling is something I have always enjoyed. But how I could pursue my interest was the million-dollar question. I’ve gone through many obstacles while navigating this path- parents not initially believing in my goals, lack of communal support, being broke, Islamophobia, etc- However, Alhamdulillah (by the grace of God), here I am today. These challenges have made me stronger than I could imagine and made it clear where I want to be in life.

Over the years, HGT has transformed to something bigger than myself. Through your support for HGT, we’ve been able to build online communities, share stories from underrepresented voices, encourage others to travel, been featured on numerous well known publications, and I have been given the opportunity to become a writer.

Moving forward, Hijabiglobetrotter will be a platform that shares exclusive resources and videos on travel, lifestyle, language and other services all from a Muslim’s perspective.

The goal for Hijabiglobetrotter is to connect, encourage, educated and share content with people from all walks of life.

I hope Hijabiglobetrotter would be a source of inspiration for you to pursue your own passion and to learn from others.

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