Hola! I am Kareemah and I am a recent University graduate from Toledo, Ohio. T-O-L~Toledo peeps know the rest .

I decided to take a break from the common pattern of life to travel and pursue my goal in becoming fluent in Spanish. My first journey begins in Spain, continues to the U.S and beyond. This blog would be a reflection of travels and experiences from an Islamic point of view.

Yes I know, it seems like what I am doing is just a casual vacation but for me, this journey is bigger than that. My travel will help me see the world from a different perspective especially through the new language I’ll be acquiring. It will help the world understand what it’s actually like to be a Muslim in today’s century. In addition to changing perspectives, I want to show you that we don’t always have to wait for our 9-5 jobs to provide you an opportunity to travel before doing so.

The spark for the love of travel began during my first trip abroad at the age of six. After this life-changing experience, I had always craved for more. I engaged myself with Atlases, Encyclopedias, and World explorer computer games. Being in a multicultural environment influenced my passion. However, the biggest influence in my life is my parents. I thank God for them every day.

I’ve always dreaded the question “What do you want to become when you grow up”. As a toddler the answer was easy, “I want to become a doctor”.  During my college years, I always felt something was missing. I decided to think deep. Culture, language learning, connecting with people and traveling is something I have always enjoyed. But how I could pursue my interest was the million dollar question. I’ve gone through many obstacles. Some of which are parents not initially believing in my goals, Lack of communal support, Financial disability, Islamophobia, etc. However with the grace of God, here I am today. These challenges have made me stronger than I could imagine and made it clear where I want to be in life.

On this blog, I would share with you my journey as I live outside of my comfort zone.  I shall share the joys and challenges I have faced. Hijabiglobetrotter (HGT)  wouldn’t be limited to my narrative but to turn the lenses to those underrepresented individuals whose voices, life experiences and projects need to be known.

My goal for this blog is to connect, encourage, highlight, inform and share with people from all walks of life.

Phew! now that the heavy stuff has been told, I shall mention how I spend my free time. Did I tell you that I love to laugh? so it wouldn’t surprise you that I enjoy watching comedy shows from Key and Peele, Trevor Noah, Gabriel Iglesias AKA fluffy, etc. I read a lot of books, play tennis during the summer, partake in outdoor activities, try new cultural dishes whenever I can, and catch up on the what’s new with my siblings. Whenever I need a reminder about my purpose in life, I join halaqahs or listen to lectures online. I hope Hijabiglobetrotter would be a source of inspiration for you to pursue your own passion, answer your questions and more importantly I would like for you to know that I am here for you. Feel free to contact me.

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