Asma from Austria (Part 1)

For today’s feature on What’s your story, we have a very passionate lady from Austria. Asma is an Avid traveler, Feminist, and a professional Photographer. She uses her skills and experiences to express her values in life. She has worked on major projects such as Muslims of Austria, Face of Islam, Hijabistas to name a few. Follow us as we learn what fuels Asma’s energy to continue producing captivating projects.

K.A:    Alright…..Saalamalaykum.

Asma: Waalaykumrahmatullah.

K.A:    Umm (German word???) Wie geht es Ihnen?

Asma:  Aaaah (German word???) gut mir geht’s gut, und Ihnen?

K.A:    Okaay.. that’s all I know about German.

Asma:    Hahaha

K.A:   Haha…. I try…..

Asma:      That’s very good.

K.A:    Yeah, Although I haven’t… I mean I’ve dabbed into a little of language. French and Spanish, I’m working on Spanish right now………Continued Transcript

Must do in Vienna

  • Visit the Inner city
  • Visit the Ghetto
  • Go around the ring
  • Visit the 6th District
  • Visit the 10th District
  • Stop by the Austrian Kitchen
  • Visit Sacher hotel


Places to visit in Austria



Zell am see ( in the Summer)

Excerpt from

Interesting facts of Austria

Arnold Schwarzenegger is originally from Austria.

Sound of Music was originated from the real life story of “The Von Trapp Family” in Salzberg, Austria

**Ibn Batutta is one of the greatest travelers of all time**

To be continued………

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