Asma from Austria Part 2


We continue from where we left off regarding Asma’s influences. Right now we learn about Asma’s travel recommendation and what Austrian food you must try. Stay tuned.

Welcome back, listeners. In our first part interview, we got to know Asma’s background and some of her major influences. Now we shall continue to discuss Travel recommendations, Austrian food and much more… enjoy

K.A:   Of all the travels you’ve done which one…which city is your favorite city?

Asma:      Mmmm….Phewww….

K.A:    Haha…tough question…..Hhmm

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Popular Austrian food


Excerpt from Recipe Hub


Excerpt dannwoellertthefoodetymologist


Excerpt from Vegannook

Make sure to check Asma’s blog:

(although its in German you can click on the top most right of the of the url to translate it to your location language)

Also check out the Muslim organization: Muslimische Jugend Österreich

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