Top 15 Halal Food You Must Try in New York

When it comes to Halal Food you are spoiled for choice in New York City. All you have to do really is open your mind and be willing to try new things. The fact that you are even visiting the big apple is the first step. Why not explore more?!  Have you tried Mafe Ganar- [...]

11 Things Not To Tell A Muslim Traveler

One of the challenges of being a Muslim traveler is that whether you like it or not, you become an ambassador for 1.8 billion people. This means that you are bombarded with questions ranging from curious, interesting, great, weird, and just plain out rude. It is an overwhelming task to carry as we navigate through [...]

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Travel Life: How do you get to travel so much?

Travel Life: Skyline of New York City Let’s be honest if you live in North America, you have the short end of the stick when it comes to vacation days. 2 weeks is just not enough, especially if you love to travel. The good news is, humans are resourceful and always find ways [...]

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This lawyer quit his job to study Arabic

  How it all began Study Arabic in Morocco اِنْ كُنْتَ فِيْ المَغْرِبْ فَلَا تَسْتَغْرِبْ Five years ago, I would not understand a single word of this sentence. Is it a verse from the Qur’an? Is it a saying from the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)? Is it a poem? Or an extract from a [...]

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My Top 12 Newbie Moments Surviving New York

Guess what? I moved to New York!  I know! I can't believe it either. I explain why and how in this video. Moving to New York made me quickly realize, one thing. Deep deep down at the pit of my heart... I am a country mouse. It was hard to admit it, especially as I'm [...]

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The Antarctica Experience: Journey of a Lifetime

Antarctica, the earth's southernmost continent. As a kid learning about the world, I used to wonder what life in Antarctica could be. I only imagined Antarctica to be freezing cold, full of penguins and only accessed by scientists. Nowadays more and more tourists are able to visit this polar region. One of these tourists is [...]

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Halal Peru: A Muslim-Friendly Guide to Enjoying Peru

There are not many Muslims in Peru. Out of the 32 million habitants of this Andean country, only 0.015% are Muslims. But don't be sad because Peruvians are one of the best in hospitality. The locals make concerted efforts to accommodate travelers. Try to have an open mind when visiting Peru as you wouldn't find what you are typically [...]

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19 Things I Wish I Knew before Going to Peru

Peru is one of those countries where there is so much to do, see and also so much to know! Even with extensive planning on my end, I still felt that there was always something missing. Here are 19 Things I wish I knew before going to Peru.  Bring very good sunscreen... and one that [...]

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Peru Itinerary: Cusco, Lima and Other Cities

Peru is on a lot of people's bucket list of countries to visit and for good reasons too! I can only try my best to provide a great representation of what this impressive country is like but you'll only fully enjoy that experience when you visit. This country is great for all types of travelers: [...]

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