The Antarctica Experience: Journey of a Lifetime

Antarctica, the earth's southernmost continent. As a kid learning about the world, I used to wonder what life in Antarctica could be. I only imagined Antarctica to be freezing cold, full of penguins and only accessed by scientists. Nowadays more and more tourists are able to visit this polar region. One of these tourists is [...]

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Halal Peru: A Muslim-Friendly Guide to Enjoying Peru

There are not many Muslims in Peru. Out of the 32 million habitants of this Andean country, only 0.015% are Muslims. But don't be sad because Peruvians are one of the best in hospitality. The locals make concerted efforts to accommodate travelers. Try to have an open mind when visiting Peru as you wouldn't find what you are typically [...]

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19 Things I Wish I Knew before Going to Peru

Peru is one of those countries where there is so much to do, see and also so much to know! Even with extensive planning on my end, I still felt that there was always something missing. Here are 19 Things I wish I knew before going to Peru.  Bring very good sunscreen... and one that [...]

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Peru Itinerary: Cusco, Lima and Other Cities

Peru is on a lot of people's bucket list of countries to visit and for good reasons too! I can only try my best to provide a great representation of what this impressive country is like but you'll only fully enjoy that experience when you visit. This country is great for all types of travelers: [...]

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Marriage ended her dream

It was lunch time and we had just finished reciting our daily surahs (verses) from the Quraan. My Quranic teacher loved to share a piece of her past with my siblings and I whenever time allowed. This usually happened during lunch or after classes. "That is my husband, Hussein" she took out an old black [...]

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10 Peruvian Dishes You Must Try!

Peruvian gastronomy is one of best in the world! Prior to visiting Peru, I knew nothing about Peruvian dishes. I had heard about Ceviche and how people online raved of its deliciousness but I couldn't imagine how Ceviche could taste. The moment my taste buds tried Ceviche, my whole life had changed. Peru offers not [...]

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Sudan’s Hidden Secrets

When thinking of countries to visit in Africa, Sudan is never on the list. There are many reasons for this: past political instability, little public knowledge of its history and culture, logistical challenge, not much media promotional efforts to attract tourists etc. These are a few reasons. Despite these impediments, adventure traveler, homeintheair, packed his [...]

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Budget Friendly San Francisco Itinerary for 4 days

San Francisco is a stunning and colorful city full of culture, music, and technology. It is a city a lot of people wish to visit and many hope to live in. However, San Francisco isn't the kindest city for your pockets. It is the second most expensive city in the United States. This poses the [...]

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Interesting facts on Mali with Magnus

Mali? Where is that? Is it in Africa? ooh do they have safaris? What type of animals do they have there? For many, Mali, the country, its culture, its music and history is unknown. When I hear the of the country Mali, I go back to memory lane when my Dad will tell my siblings [...]

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