The Antarctica Experience: Journey of a Lifetime

Antarctica, the earth's southernmost continent. As a kid learning about the world, I used to wonder what life in Antarctica could be. I only imagined Antarctica to be freezing cold, full of penguins and only accessed by scientists. Nowadays more and more tourists are able to visit this polar region. One of these tourists is [...]

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Marriage ended her dream

It was lunch time and we had just finished reciting our daily surahs (verses) from the Quraan. My Quranic teacher loved to share a piece of her past with my siblings and I whenever time allowed. This usually happened during lunch or after classes. "That is my husband, Hussein" she took out an old black [...]

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Sudan’s Hidden Secrets

When thinking of countries to visit in Africa, Sudan is never on the list. There are many reasons for this: past political instability, little public knowledge of its history and culture, logistical challenge, not much media promotional efforts to attract tourists etc. These are a few reasons. Despite these impediments, adventure traveler, homeintheair, packed his [...]

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Interesting facts on Mali with Magnus

Mali? Where is that? Is it in Africa? ooh do they have safaris? What type of animals do they have there? For many, Mali, the country, its culture, its music and history is unknown. When I hear the of the country Mali, I go back to memory lane when my Dad will tell my siblings [...]

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Dilek explores the social issues in South Africa

On our last post of HGT explorers, we ventured into Cuba with Mohamed and friends. In the next three weeks, we shall cover interesting and thought-provoking stories from countries in Africa.  We start with South Africa. South Africa is known for its breathtaking landscapes, intriguing safaris, rich culture, Nelson Mandela, and unfortunately Apartheid. It was [...]

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Mohamed and friends experience Cuba

 Cuba is one of the countries on my never-ending bucket list. One thing I love to do when I haven't been to place is to listen to other people's travel adventures and share it, of course! This month, we experience Cuba with Mohamed and his friends. We find out why they chose this colorful Caribbean [...]

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How Zeina travels the world with her Iraqi Passport

As of January 2018, Germany was ranked as having the most powerful passport in the world. I have seen first hand what having a powerful passport can do and unfortunately, I have also seen how people with "unfavorable" passports are treated. It's disappointing to realize that a little booklet can enhance or limit the opportunities you [...]

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A Muslim girl’s solo trip to Iceland

Last Month, we read about Sana's emotional trip to Jerusalem. Traveling comes with bravery in its own form, it could be visiting a conflicted region or treading down a road less taken just like Yasmin. Yasmin decided to ticket off one of her Pinterest bucket lists, despite the misunderstanding of her family and friends. Here [...]

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Brave Muslim Photographer visits Jerusalem

We often learn about Palestine or Isreal through the news. The Isreali-Palestinian conflict is a controversial topic that many of us (me included) don't know the full, true and unbiased story. Most importantly, we are unaware of how life is like for the locals. Sana, a George Washington photojournalist was given the opportunity to live [...]

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How this Lawyer lived as a Nomad in Mongolia

I'll have to admit that when it comes to certain parts of the world, I'm pretty ignorant. For a very long time, my knowledge of Mongolia was from the brief 2 hours feature of the scary looking Shan Yu and his angry eagle in Disney's Mulan. As I got older I started learning more about [...]

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