How Zeina travels the world with her Iraqi Passport

As of January 2018, Germany was ranked as having the most powerful passport in the world. I have seen first hand what having a powerful passport can do and unfortunately, I have also seen how people with "unfavorable" passports are treated. It's disappointing to realize that a little booklet can enhance or limit the opportunities you [...]

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A Muslim girl’s solo trip to Iceland

Last Month, we read about Sana's emotional trip to Jerusalem. Traveling comes with bravery in its own form, it could be visiting a conflicted region or treading down a road less taken just like Yasmin. Yasmin decided to ticket off one of her Pinterest bucket lists, despite the misunderstanding of her family and friends. Here [...]

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Brave Muslim Photographer visits Jerusalem

We often learn about Palestine or Isreal through the news. The Isreali-Palestinian conflict is a controversial topic that many of us (me included) don't know the full, true and unbiased story. Most importantly, we are unaware of how life is like for the locals. Sana, a George Washington photojournalist was given the opportunity to live [...]

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How this Lawyer lived as a Nomad in Mongolia

I'll have to admit that when it comes to certain parts of the world, I'm pretty ignorant. For a very long time, my knowledge of Mongolia was from the brief 2 hours feature of the scary looking Shan Yu and his angry eagle in Disney's Mulan. As I got older I started learning more about [...]

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