10 Local Recommended Halal Restaurants in Toronto

Toronto is home to a large Muslim population and a halal foodie heaven. Consequently, an abundance of halal restaurants conquers every street and market with cuisines from all worldly corners. Don’t expect to eat shawarma and biryani every night—you can indulge in halal steaks, chicken and waffles and other different delicious dishes. The most difficulty [...]

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10 Traditional Turkish Foods you must try!

When talking about Turkish food most people only know Döner Kebab or Turkish coffee or the famous Turkish Delight. Turkey has many more delicious platers that are worth discovering. Here is a list of 10 traditional Turkish foods you must try. Kumpir: This is my favorite traditional Turkish food because it's delicious and filling. Kumpir [...]

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5 Must Try Halal Restaurants in Granada

Andalusia is the most visited region in Spain by Muslims due to its prominent Islamic history. One major city in Andalusia is Granada.  Granada is a must see for all tourists. For Muslims visiting Granada, the main attraction is the Alhambra and its surrounding areas. Granada's strong Islamic history and close proximity to North Africa, [...]

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Halal Restaurants in Madrid

Being in Madrid could be challenging for people who don't eat pork or drink alcohol as majority of the Spanish food consists of these ingredients. Based on my experience and some inquiries from Muslims around, I created a list on Have Halal Will Travel of restaurants that wouldn't contain any of the ingredients mentioned earlier. Here [...]

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