How Not to Order like a Gringo or Guiri

What is a Gringo or a Guiri? You might ask yourself. If you are learning Spanish, you'll have the urge to want to test that formal education Spanish in real life.  The goal for many language learners is to be understood by the locals and for others, it's to sound like the locals.  Some of us [...]

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How to order in Spanish like a local- Version Halal

When traveling to a new country it always pays off when you can speak like the locals. Speaking like the locals allows you to have a good connection with them.  It also shows the locals that you know what's up and can even avoid people from trying to pull off any tourist scam on you. This [...]

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How to confidently speak a foreign language

Hello folks! It's now my 7th month in Spain and I can tell you that my Spanish has improved from what it was before.  One of the obvious reason is the fact that I am in Spain but do you know the real reason why my learning process has been fast? Check out this video [...]

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Television taught me English

Join Dina and I in this two part series on how we get to know each other. Most importantly Dina would you give you tips on how to learn a new language based on her personal experience.   Watch out for part 2, the moment we will have been waiting for on language learning [...]

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