This lawyer quit his job to study Arabic

  How it all began Study Arabic in Morocco اِنْ كُنْتَ فِيْ المَغْرِبْ فَلَا تَسْتَغْرِبْ Five years ago, I would not understand a single word of this sentence. Is it a verse from the Qur’an? Is it a saying from the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)? Is it a poem? Or an extract from a [...]

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How Not to Order like a Gringo or Guiri

What is a Gringo or a Guiri? You might ask yourself. If you are learning Spanish, you'll have the urge to want to test that formal education Spanish in real life.  The goal for many language learners is to be understood by the locals and for others, it's to sound like the locals.  Some of us [...]

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Ordering Food in Spanish Like a Local

When traveling to a new country it always helps when you can speak like the locals. Knowing another language changes your world. What I came to realize while living in Spain is that the menus in English are usually higher in prices than those in Spanish. To avoid such scam it pays off to know [...]

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