10 Traditional Turkish Foods you must try!

When talking about Turkish food most people only know Döner Kebab or Turkish coffee or the famous Turkish Delight. Turkey has many more delicious platers that are worth discovering. Here is a list of 10 traditional Turkish foods you must try. Traditional Turkish Foods: Turkish Coffee Kumpir:Traditional Turkish Foods- Kumpir This is my [...]

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My most vulnerable moment

There was only 20% battery life on my phone and today was the last day I could go shopping. "My sister and friends would never forgive me if I don't get them anything. What can I do?" I was getting worried. My Turkish was poor because of that I didn't want to ask any stranger [...]

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Is Istanbul safe for a woman traveling alone

It was 10 am, Sunday, December 11th, 2016. The notification light on my phone constantly blinked.  Half asleep, I managed to look at it. I had a  couple of snap chat messages, Facebook notifications, a message from Yildiz (my Turkish friend) and then Breaking news from BBC. I unlocked my phone and checked the news [...]

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Locals recommended 7 days Istanbul Itinerary

In my opinion, Istanbul is a must visit for every traveler. As you walk on the streets of Istanbul you will hear pop music blasting through the speakers while the call to prayer is being echoed in the background. It is the city where the West meets the East, physically and metaphorically. In addition, there [...]

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