My most vulnerable moment

There was only 20% battery life on my phone and today was the last day I could go shopping. "My sister and friends would never forgive me if I don't get them anything. What can I do?" I was getting worried. My Turkish was poor because of that I didn't want to ask any stranger [...]

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How Not to Order like a Gringo or Guiri

What is a Gringo or a Guiri? You might ask yourself. If you are learning Spanish, you'll have the urge to want to test that formal education Spanish in real life.  The goal for many language learners is to be understood by the locals and for others, it's to sound like the locals.  Some of us [...]

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Is it even halal?

Halal means something that is permissible to eat.  Foods that are not Halal for Muslims are Pork and Alcohol. However the way the animal for consumption is slaughtered or killed could make it Halal or Haram (Forbidden).  Many restaurant owners who cater to Muslims usually advertise that their restaurants or Halal or Halal certified. Is [...]

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The Comprehensive Basque Country Itinerary

In the Northern most part of Spain lies Pais Vasco, bordered by the Pyrenees Mountain and a close neighbor to France. Pais Vasco AKA Euskadi Aka The Basque Country is mostly overshadowed by other popular tourist destinations in Spain. In this Basque Country Itinerary post, you are going to learn about the culture, food, language [...]

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Top 4 Tips for Booking an Airbnb

My first Airbnb experience was on a beautiful sunny September in  Madrid, Spain.  I was nervous and I didn't know what to expect. However I felt assured because the host was very responsive through the agreed medium of communication. My Madrid host was the most caring and helpful stranger, I had ever met. Even during [...]

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Study Abroad in China

"Seek knowledge even if it's as far as China" is a well-known statement that all Muslims know. This was exactly what upcoming fashion designer, Sakeenah did! Bored with the theoretical method of learning, Sakeenah took a gap year abroad to spark inspiration. Check out our discussion below on her experience. Also, make sure to watch [...]

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The Big Move

My six year goal is about to actually happen this weekend inshaAllah (by God's grace).  Watch my video below on how I came about this goal and what truly influence my decision.

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