How To Travel Responsibly in any African Country

"How we met was the most romantic story of all" Maria said with such contagious joy that you had to share her happiness too. Maria and her boyfriend, Cesar worked as environmentalists for a well-renowned school in the deep south of the U.S. International students from Honduras, every experience outside of where they grew up [...]

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Visit Tatarstan- Zelfine shares her culture

If you would have told me a few months ago that there is an Islamic region in Russia, I wouldn't have believed you. This was not until I came across a documentary that shared the history of Russia, its diverse locals, its diverse religions, and Russia's relationship with other countries; especially Mongolia. These new-found facts [...]

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Ramadan in Texas: 30 days and 30 mosques.

I would like to highlight a special someone this new year.  Nahela Morales, a Texan local took on an adventurous quest on Ramadan 2017.  Nahela and her son, Andrew started the movement #30Mosquesin30days where they spent the full 30 days of Ramadan in 30 different mosques across the state of Texas. They started in their [...]

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Ramadan 2018: Celebrations around the world

  Ramadan 2018, another year, another celebration. It is the holiest month for Muslims where they fast, give charity and improve themselves. If you want to know more about Ramadan check my previous posts: 9 things Muslims are guilty of during Ramadan and Traveling while fasting. Ever wonder what Ramadan is like for Muslims around the [...]

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Chefugee : An enlightening experience.

We are currently in the month of Ramadan, a month that encourages Muslims to fast, help others and be thankful for our blessings.  Natalia Diaz is not a Muslim nor is she fasting this month but she started Chefugee, a concept that is continually preached to people of faith and humans in general. If you [...]

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Al Musafir Discusses the Best Muslim Friendly Country

 PART 1 Aisha is a British Muslim who has been to over 40 countries. From this interview, you will discover what country is the most halal Friendly ( *Hint it is not a Muslim Country*), travel tips, a career as a traveler etc. Stay Tuned!   PART 2 Here we would be discussing work [...]

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Yasmin: The Spanish Entrepreneur to Watch out for!

Walking through Calle de Salvador on a Friday afternoon, one can see crowds of men and women from different backgrounds coming in and out of the Centro Cultural Islamico in Madrid for spiritual feeding.  Just down the adjacent street of the Mosque is Masturah Salon.   Masturah Salon is a beauty and hair shop specialized for [...]

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Matthew J. Martin: Islamic Finance

  Meet Matthew, CEO, and Founder of Blossom Finance; an organization that helps Muslims obtain loans without breaking Islamic law. Follow our conversation as we discuss the influence, purpose, and success of Blossom Finance.  Listen up! Towards the end, Matthew would be giving a tip on a possible lucrative business idea. You wouldn't wanna miss [...]

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Feminism: What it means for Muslim Women Today

For today's feature on What's your story, we discuss with woman from Austria. Asma is an Avid traveler, Feminist, and a professional photographer.  She has worked on major projects such as Muslims of Austria, Face of Islam, Hijabistas to name a few. Listen through this engaging podcast as we discuss what feminism means for Muslims [...]

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Rufaida: From Nigeria to Malaysia

  I had the opportunity of interviewing this beautiful and inspirational young lady.  Rufaida is an upcoming Optometry Graduate student from Nigeria studying in the country that is the #1 honeymoon destination, Malaysia. Follow me as I discuss with Rufaida on how it's like being a foreigner and a Muslim in Malaysia,  and of course, must see/eat [...]

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