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Welcome to Hijabiglobetrotter!

The Blog

Hijabiglobetrotter started informally in July 2015 as a means of sharing my travel experiences with family and friends.  On April 2016, I made it official by guest posting for Have Halal Will Travel and Muslim Travel Girl.

Hijabiglobetrotter is a Travel and Lifestyle blog focused on travel, language learning and highlighting hidden gems.  It is a website that continues to grow with eager and engaging worldwide followers looking for a dash of motivation.

The Audience

The audience is mostly Muslims between ages 18- 40 years of approximately 70%  female and 30% male.  A typical Hijabiglobetrotter reader is interested in Halal Travel, Local gems, Language learning tips, Travel Finance and Working abroad. Hijabiglobetrotter caters to Muslims and Non-Muslims around the world, however,  a large chunk of its readers are based in North America and Europe.

Why Hijabiglobetrotter?

Although Hijabiglobetrotter is a fairly young site, it has a received numerous recognition for inspiring global Muslim travelers.  It continues to gain growth through its social media platform.

I am an avid traveler who loves to write about my experiences while searching for local gems, interesting cultures/traditions, inspirational individuals and affordable travel means.

As of  7/15/2017:

Instagram: 1676+


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