The holy month of Ramadan has sadly come to an end but the day that comes after is something I look forward to every year. What I love about it is how all the Muslims around the world put their differences aside and come together to celebrate a special day. This day is Eid. I was blessed to celebrate Eid with my family this year. Join me on this fun day as I and 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide celebrate love, unity, diversity, peace, and thankfulness. Here are some Eid Clothes ideas for the next celebration:




Eid 2017- Pakistan


Eid 2017- Algeria


Eid 2017- Pakistan

Eid 2017- Pakistan

Eid 2017- Egypt



Eid 2017- Brothers


Eid 2017- Algeria



Eid 2017- Moroccan



Eid 2017- Pakistan & India


Pakistan & India



Eid 2017- Yours Truly


I hope you enjoyed this Eid lookbook! For a more interactive experience, check out the video below :)



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