For today’s feature on What’s your story, we discuss with woman from Austria. Asma is an Avid traveler, Feminist, and a professional photographer.  She has worked on major projects such as Muslims of Austria, Face of Islam, Hijabistas to name a few. Listen through this engaging podcast as we discuss what feminism means for Muslims and how Asma uses her background and skills to give voices to women. 

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Interesting facts about Austria

Arnold Schwarzenegger is originally from Austria.

Sound of Music was originated from the real life story of “The Von Trapp Family” in Salzberg, Austria

**Ibn Batutta is one of the greatest travelers of all time**

Make sure to check Asma’s blog (although its in German you can click on the topmost right of the of the URL to translate it to your location language). Also check out the Muslim organization: Muslimische Jugend Österreich