10 Local Recommended Halal Restaurants in Toronto

Toronto is home to a large Muslim population and a halal foodie heaven. Consequently, an abundance of halal restaurants conquers every street and market with cuisines from all worldly corners. Don’t expect to eat shawarma and biryani every night—you can indulge in halal steaks, chicken and waffles and other different delicious dishes. The most difficulty you’ll have with eating out in Toronto is choosing from a plethora of delightful halal restaurant options. Here is a list of the top 10 halal restaurants in Toronto you need to try when you visit:

10 Halal Restaurants in Toronto

1. The Dirty Bird Chicken + Waffles ~ No alcohol served

What’s better than classic American food with a Canadian twist? Enjoy crispy chicken with freshly-made waffles and maple syrup with a variety of sides to choose from. Located in Toronto’s beloved hipster spot, Kensington Market, you can enjoy a couple hours exploring here after eating.

Halal restaurants in Toronto-

Photo source: thedailymeal.com


  • 79 Kensington Avenue 
  • 527 Bloor Street West

2. Bamiyan Kabob~ Halal certified, No alcohol served

Delicious Afghan food with a myriad of kabob options. Choose from mouth-watering chopan kabob to the spicy chapli kabob. Order a kabob wrap or have your order served with rice. Don’t forget their amazing dessert, firnee.

Halal restaurants in Toronto- Bamiyan Kabob

Photo source: torontofoodblog.com


  • 62 Overlea Boulevard 
  • 4205 Keele Street

3. The Burgernator~ Halal certified, No alcohol served

I’ll cut to the chase—these are the best burgers you will find in Toronto so look no further. The bounty of non-Muslims eating here is evidence enough. This too is in Kensington Market. Walk over to Wanda’s Pie in the Sky after for delicious dessert!

Halal restaurants in Toronto- Burgernator

Photo source: halalfoodenthusiasts.wordpress.com

Location: 269 Augusta Avenue

4. The Halal Guys~ Halal certified, No alcohol served

You may roll your eyes, but I kid you not, the food is great! Self-proclaimed as the pioneers of American Halal Food, this New York City chain is a hit and “Torontonians” consider it the perfect lunch spot for beef gyros, chicken wraps, and falafel. Make sure to ask for extra hot sauce and feel your mouth sizzle the flavorful wonders.

Halal restaurants in Toronto- The Halal Guys

Photo source: chron.com

Location: 563 Yonge Street

5. Paramount Fine Foods~ Halal certified, No alcohol served

I couldn’t NOT include a shawarma restaurant, and it must be Paramount. Indulge in delectable zaatar, shawarma wraps, grilled meat platters and the range of desserts including baklawa and kanafeh. The food is great, but have you also heard of Paramount’s owner/CEO, Mohammed Fakih? A Lebanese-Canadian entrepreneur, not only has he opened a successful chain of restaurants, he has also contributed to many philanthropic Canadian causes, including paying for the funerals of Quebec’s 2017 mosque attack victims and buying Toronto’s homeless hotel accommodations during our cold winters—what’s there not to like about this fellow Muslim doing spectacular things?


Halal restaurants in Toronto- Paramount fine food

Photo source: fallsviewcasinoresort.com


  • 253 Yonge Street
  • 1250 Bay Street
  • 165 E Liberty Street
  • 85 Front Street East
  • 1585 The Queensway

6. Gourmet Malaysia~ Halal certified, No alcohol served

Yes, Toronto even has deliciously halal Malaysian food. Menu options include murutabak, lamb satay, ikan bakar and plenty of vegetarian options. Large portions and great prices are a sure way to satisfy your appetite.

Halal restaurants in Toronto- Gourmet Malaysia

Photo source: gourmetmalaysia.ca

Location: 4466 Sheppard Avenue East, #101

7. Crave Grill House~ Halal certified, No alcohol served

Feeling a little fancy? Crave Grill House is the spot. The menu includes steak, lamb chops, filet mignon, beef short ribs and a variety of pasta and seafood. The peppercorn steak paired with mashed potatoes is to die for.

Halal restaurants in Toronto- Crave Hill House

Photo source: cravegrillhouse.com

Location: 25 Woodbine Downs Boulevard, Unit 5

8. Sheherzade Persian Grill~ Halal certified, No alcohol served

North of Toronto lies a bustling Iranian population, but you don’t need to travel all the way there for a taste of Persia. Sheherzade’s menu offers a variety of kabobs, the popular abgoosht, and the scrumptious Barbary Persian flatbread. There is so much food, I’m almost conflicted to recommend such a sinfully gluttonous option.

Halal restaurants in Toronto- Sheherazad Persian Gril

Photo source: blogto

Location: 422 College Street

9. China Cottage~ Alcohol served

Enchanting décor and dim lights welcome you to Toronto’s best hakka and Thai food. Nothing more to say, I’ll let your taste buds do the talking.

Halal restaurants in Toronto- China Cottage

Photo source: blogto


  • 80 Ellesmere Road,
  • #11 5985 Steeles Avenue East

10. Sahan Restaurant~ Halal certified, No alcohol served

Authentic Somali cuisine and the food will keep you returning for more. Founded by Mohammed Jirdeh, a man on a mission to use his restaurant to provide for the less fortunate, the restaurant is now a hit with anyone wanting to try a taste of Somalia. Food options include goat ribs, chicken stew, kingfish and goat fal fal.

Halal restaurants in Toronto- Sahan Restaurant

Photo source: yelp.ca

Location: 2010 Lawrence Avenue East


These are some of the best Halal restaurants in Toronto, hopefully, this list should help you get excited about your upcoming Toronto trip!

Author: Samah Khan

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Samah is a writer and photographer who loves the new, uninsulated experiences solo travel brings her as a Muslim woman. She currently runs a travel blog where she focuses on providing informative guides and personal experiences about the places she travels to. She has currently relocated to East Asia to teach English and to see what the future brings her. Follow Samah’s journey on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
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