Looking for a place to stay in Madrid can be a daunting task especially during the peak seasons. The task is grueling and stressful but it usually ends up working out. Below are some tips on finding the right accommodation in Madrid and Spain in general.

Temporary Accommodation

  1. Hostels
  2. Airbnb- I personally prefer this method. Always make sure to read ALL the reviews about that person to know what to expect from the host.
  3. Ibis hotel
  4. Others- The accommodations above are for the budget conscious, if you want something a bit pricier, you can always search for Hotels in Spain. Options like Hotel Ritz, Westin Palace, Hotel Villa Real to name a few are more for those with a luxurious taste.

Permanent Accommodation

  1. Idealista- I recommend this website. It’s user friendly and categorizes the apartments by location on a map that is easy to understand. Tip: if an apartment has been up for more than 2 weeks don’t bother calling the owner, it’s either taken or something is wrong.
  2. Easy Piso
  3. Segunda Mano
  4. Lingo Bongo
  5. Spot A Home- One thing to note about this company is that they don’t allow you to come in and see the apartment. They have videos and pictures on their website, with their employees giving an explanation of what to expect for the apartment. Some people have used this method with good results.
  6. On the Streets- This is the old school way of searching. I mean its a bonus really, you get to walk around gorgeous Madrid and discover new places while looking for apartments. Make sure to look out for the “Se alquila” sign. The contact information of the owner is usually given below the sign.



  • Prices for a decent apartment in Madrid start at 320 euros and above . In the south of Spain the prices could even be lower!
  • Salamanca is one of the richest neighborhoods in Spain.
  • August, September and October are peak months for renting.
  • Apartments in Spain usually allow for a minimum stay of 6 months.
  • No matter what, always ask for a contract. Some landlord/lady might be reluctant to provide that in order to avoid paying taxes or whatever. Some would try and make you feel guilty by asking if you don’t trust them and that they are “good people”. One thing you have to understand is that you are a foreigner and when disputes or something goes south, you would be most likely the scapegoat of that situation without a contract. 
  • It’s common to see 1 or 2 months deposit requested. This is usually returned by the end of your stay in the contract.
  • It’s uncommon for apartments in the center to have an oven or dryer.
  • Don’t waste your time emailing apartment owners just call them. (For more information on what to ask when making a call, contact me)
  • Lastly you are in Spain so speak some Spanish when inquiring for a place to stay. Most owners wouldn’t be able to speak English. Even if your Spanish is broken just try, they would still understand you.

Spanish words to know!

  • Gastos –  Utilities
  • Precio –    Price
  • Alqulier – To rent
  • Ventar –    To Sell
  • Calefacción –  Heating
  • Fianza – Deposit
  • Individual o Doble – Individual or Double
  • Lavadora o Sacadora –  Washer or Dryer
  • Piso- Apartment
  • Cuánto Vale – How much is the monthly rent?

It took me about about 1 and half weeks to find apartment meanwhile it has taken some people months to do so. Once we finally find a permanent place to stay, this is how we all feel


I hope these tips were helpful. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.