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Hijabiglobetrotter is a Muslim Travel and Lifestyle online platform focused on culture, language, and highlighting hidden gems. Hijabiglobetrotter’s goal is to enlighten and inspire you to learn about cultures, places, and stories from a unique perspective.

The Audience

Its audience is mostly between the ages of 18- 40 years. A typical Hijabiglobetrotter reader is interested in Halal travel, Islamic history, Local gems, Language learning tips, Travel finance, and Working abroad. Hijabiglobetrotter caters to Muslims and Non-Muslims around the world, however, a large chunk of its readers are based in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

What is Halal Travel?

Halal travel consists of food and lifestyle that are permissible in the Islamic religion. Halal Food is often associated with food without alcohol or meat from pork (pig). When it comes to other meat, many Muslims prefer meat that is slaughtered the Islamic way. This is called Zabiha. Halal Lifestyle includes praying 5 times a day, performing good deeds, seeking knowledge, and fostering good relationships with people.

Why Hijabiglobetrotter?

Although Hijabiglobetrotter is a fairly young site, it has received numerous recognitions for inspiring global Muslim travelers and world-renowned online publications. It continues to gain growth through its social media platform. The Halal Travel industry is rapidly growing and is expected to bring in $220 billion in Tourism and Hospitality expenditure from 2021 and onwards. Through Hijabiglobetrotter, you’ll be able to learn about Travel from a Muslim perspective and hopefully connect with the Muslim audience.

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