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Valencia Itinerary filled with Paella, Fallas, and History

In March 2016, I spent about 18 hours in Valencia for the annual Fallas Celebration.  This is a week-long event whereby massive caricatures of politicians, celebrities, cartoons, and other popular figure effigies are being paraded around [...]

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12 Reasons why you should go on a vacation to Spain

I lived in Spain for 2 years, living there was one of the craziest yet fondest memories of my life. Whenever people ask me where they should visit I quickly blurt out " Go on [...]

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The in-depth history of Moors in Spain

If there's one lesson I've learned from all my travels is that you should know the history of your upcoming destination.  I can hear some of you say "omg, History is so boring". I was just [...]

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7 Madrid Hidden Gems you Should Know!

Having the opportunity to live in Madrid's center allowed me to take long and short spontaneous walks around the vibrant city. This lead to me discovering some hidden gems Madrid had to offer.  Here are [...]

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Things to do in Seville for 3 days- Version Halal

I finally visited the slow and tranquil city of Spain.  Everyone seemed chill and relaxed and whenever you passed by someone they never failed to say Hello. Walking down the twisty cobbled stoned city, I [...]

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