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Halal Madrid is a travel guide sharing Islamic history, zabiha food, top tourist attractions, and much more! Discover how Madrid got its name, view popular spots like the Royal Palace in a whole new light, enjoy thick chocolate-dipped Churros from San Gines or scrumptious seafood Paella, and learn easy Spanish words that will you set apart from other tourists- Only with your special travel guide. You don’t want to pass this up. Start your Madrid adventures today!


**Inside Halal Madrid Travel Guide**

  • Up-to-date information – all business establishments were reviewed before publication to ensure they are still open amid the COVID pandemic.
  • Highlights and itineraries- help you tailor your trip according to personal needs and interests.
  • Eating & drinking in Madrid– zabiha/halal-friendly restaurants.
  • Essential information hours of operation, emergency contacts, accommodation tips, language tips, transit tips, dos, and don’ts, etc.
  • Insider tips – local recommended historical gems connected to architecture, food, language, culture, and more!


** eBook Features**

  • Embedded links for online reference.
  • Effortless table of content navigation that allows you to jump to a page choice with just one click.
  • Mobile friendly
  • User Friendly
  • Seamlessly flip through the pages


Why Halal Madrid? This is a one-of-a-kind resource that shares the salient but silent history of Spain not usually discussed in travel guides.


Book Details
ISBN: 979-8-9860221-0-9
Writers: Kareemah Ashiru, Felipe Vidales
Designer: Yousra Medhkour

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