In February 2016, I went on a group trip with a travel agency to three cities in Portugal. Porto was one of the cities we stopped by. I must mention that I am not a big fan of hostels. Whenever I travel I stick to either Hotels, Suites or Airbnb stays. The travel agency had booked all our accommodation in hostels for the Portugal trip. At first, I was upset but once I stepped into Tattva Design Hostel, I instantly became pleased. Tattva Design Hostel gave me hope that hostels could provide a quality service, be comfortable and still be affordable.  Check out my break down and review of what I consider the best hostel I have ever stayed in.

Hostel in Porto

It was a rainy day in Porto



Tattva Design Hostel

Address28, R. do Cativo 26, 4000-160 Porto, Portugal
Instagram: tattvadesignhostel

Let’s start off with their motto: “Tattva Design Hostel will give you an enhanced hostel experience. Details and design have been carefully blended to create a new level of comfort and intimacy, as well as plenty of common areas in which to socialize.” I am confident to say that this hostel lives by their motto. Here’s why:


Room Features


Price: Average of 20- 22 euros. The top bunk bed price is usually higher than the bottom.


Bed Style: Bunk

Bathroom: Private ensuite bathroom.

Bed Facilities: Individual curtains, individual fan, reading light, socket plug, secure big lockers, heating


Tattva Design Hotel

                                                Spacious rooms. Excerpt:

Rooms for more than 1 people have the option of a Female only dorm or a Mixed Dorm. The dorm capacity is for 6, 8 and 10 people. Each bed has individual curtains, individual fan, reading light, socket plug, secure big lockers, and heating. 


Price: Average of 60- 80 euros. 

Bed Style: Double bed

Bathroom: Private bathroom

Room Facilities:  Landmark view, City view, TV, Telephone, Air Conditioning, Fan, Heating, Soundproofing, Hardwood/Parquet floors, Wardrobe/Closet, Shower, Hairdryer, Toilet, Bathroom, Additional Toilet, Safety Deposit Box.

Tattva Design Hostel in Porto

Excerpt: TattvaDesign

With the private room, Tattva Design Hostel allows you to have 1 person, 2 people or 4 people. If you are to go with the private room, I recommend the Superior Double room with a city view. Some of these private rooms are in the Tattva Design Hostel and others are 5o meters away from the hostel (still part of Tattva). 


During your stay at Tattva Design Hostel, you have access to wifi, towels, linen, and buffet breakfast all for free!!!!


The staff at Tattva are very helpful and they can speak multiple languages. During my stay with the group, the Tattva staff never failed to address any difficulties we had with the hostel. When some friends and I asked for tips on the best place to try authentic Food from Porto, the staff didn’t hesitate to share with us what they knew. Based on their responses, you could tell that they loved their job and knew their city pretty well. 

The amenities at Tattva Design Hostel functioned well and the wifi network was strong. I also liked that the heater actually worked. It was nice to come back to a warm and cozy room after being outside in the cold rain. 


The highlight of my stay at Tattva for me was breakfast.  Many hotels or hostels offer free breakfast but the buffet breakfast Tattva offers exceeded my expectations. They had a plethora of options with fresh fruits and dairy products. The breakfast there was a memorable experience.



I’m not the only traveler that thinks this hostel is amazing. Tattva Design Hostel is ranked 4.5/5 on trip advisor. Check out this site to see what other travelers are saying about Tattva Design Hostel.  In addition, I recommended Tattva Design Hostel to a friend during her visit to Porto. Here is what she had to say, “Enjoying free breakfast at Tattva now. Good Recommendation, it’s gonna be my breakfast and lunch! Lol”

Hostel in Porto
If you go to Porto, you now know where to stay!!! Also, check out my tips to enjoying the most out of Portugal.
I wasn’t sponsored for this post but I loved this place so much and thought I let everyone know how amazing it is. During my stay at Tattva, I didn’t have a good camera so I didn’t take any pictures. Most of the pictures you see are from Tattva Design Hostel’s website.
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