Portugal Itinerary: Eat, See, Do

About 3 weeks ago, I hopped on a bus with a travel group from Madrid and headed to this beautiful country by the Atlantic ocean; Portugal. We only got to visit 3 cities for the weekend.  Based on my experience and some recommendations here's a carefully curated Portugal Itinerary that will be useful for your [...]

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Moving 2 Spain: Accommodation

Looking for a place to stay in Madrid can be a daunting task especially during the peak seasons. The task is grueling and stressful but it usually ends up working out. Below are some tips on finding the right accommodation in Madrid and Spain in general. Temporary Accommodation Hostels Airbnb- I personally prefer this method. [...]

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Moving to Madrid: The Worst Day

Most of my social media and blog posts highlight the glamorous parts of moving to Madrid and living abroad. Behind the fun travel videos and smiley pictures, I was going through a lot... financially at least. It all started when I finally found an apartment, after weeks of a grueling search. The landlady and I [...]

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