7 Madrid Hidden Gems you Should Know!

Having the opportunity to live in Madrid's center allowed me to take long and short spontaneous walks around the vibrant city. This lead to me discovering some hidden gems Madrid had to offer.  Here are some the non-touristy activities to check out below: Madrid Hidden Gems 1: La Tabacalera Address: 28012, Calle de Embajadores, 53, 28012 [...]

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3 day Guide to Madrid- Version Halal

Madrid, the city ALWAYS overlooked for its "beach" sister of the east, Barcelona. I find myself having to explain to my friends why they should consider visiting Madrid.  Madrid is the best city I have ever lived in my life, yes I said it. Bold huh? Ok, to be fair I haven't been to New [...]

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Yasmin: The Spanish Entrepreneur to Watch out for!

Walking through Calle de Salvador on a Friday afternoon, one can see crowds of men and women from different backgrounds coming in and out of the Centro Cultural Islamico in Madrid for spiritual feeding.  Just down the adjacent street of the Mosque is Masturah Salon.   Masturah Salon is a beauty and hair shop specialized for [...]

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9 Mouthwatering Halal Food in Madrid (Updated)

Most of the food and restaurants in Spain includes pork and alcohol as the main ingredient. Eating out in Spain can be challenging for those who don't consume pork, alcohol or maintain a strict halal diet. With that being said, there are many popular as well as upcoming halal food and restaurant options in Madrid. I personally [...]

Just a casual Sunday

During the week especially from Monday to Thursday, I am so busy with teaching that when the weekend comes, I just want to stay in and catch up on the sleep I've lost. Sometimes I wonder how other teachers have the time and energy to travel to different cities or just go out every weekend. [...]

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My Eid in Spain

Below is the video of my astounding experience in Spain while celebrating Eid. Honestly the video doesn't do justice as to how amazing this moment was for me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nI02NHod71I

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  The morning of Tuesday began with me getting ready to obtain some clarity. I started my morning with breakfast where I had an extended chat with two of the french (a guy and a girl)  housemates that happened to stay that week at Margarita’s house as well. They had been there for nearly a [...]

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  9-20-2015 I arrived Madrid in the wee hours of a Sunday morning. My arrival was smooth sailing. I got in through customs without any hassles and then headed to luggage claim. After getting my luggage, I decided to look for a cab. My airbNb host mum (Margarita) advised that I used the metro because [...]

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