Al Musafir Discusses the Best Muslim Friendly Country

 PART 1 Aisha is a British Muslim who has been to over 40 countries. From this interview, you will discover what country is the most halal Friendly ( *Hint it is not a Muslim Country*), travel tips, a career as a traveler etc. Stay Tuned!   PART 2 Here we would be discussing work [...]

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8 Spanish Myths we Think are True!

Before my move to Madrid, Spain there were a couple of things that I was certain happened here. These were the images I had of Spain based on hearsay, television, and novels. Boy, was I in for a shock when I found out how untrue most of these stereotypes were. The funny thing is that [...]

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9 things Muslims are guilty of during Ramadan

The month of the year where Muslims around the world fast starts next week. You may wonder, "Why on earth would a group of people give up eating for more than 8 hours in a day?" Well the answer my friend is a way to show gratitude for our blessings, learn discipline, have empathy for [...]

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9 Mouthwatering Halal Food in Madrid (Updated)

Most of the food and restaurants in Spain includes pork and alcohol as the main ingredient. Eating out in Spain can be challenging for those who don't consume pork, alcohol or maintain a strict halal diet. With that being said, there are many popular as well as upcoming halal food and restaurant options in Madrid. I personally [...]