Can you fast while traveling? Here are some tips

Ramadan (Fasting)  is around the corner and a lot of Muslims have already started their Ramadan resolutions; Be kinder to parents, Give out more to charity, Avoid gossip etc. Some Muslims plan on cutting down on their regular physical or possibly strenuous activities just for the moment; especially traveling.  Is it possible or feasible to [...]

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Travel Duas

A lot of people don't know this but as Muslims, we are given guidance or prayers to protect us from unseen harm and to bring glide tidings into our lives. Besides the Hadith (Actions of the prophet) and Quran, we have Duas (fortification/prayers) like the 40 rabanas and Azkhar. In these Duas, we have requests [...]

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Moving 2 Spain: Accommodation

Looking for a place to stay in Madrid can be a daunting task especially during the peak seasons. The task is grueling and stressful but it usually ends up working out. Below are some tips on finding the right accommodation in Madrid and Spain in general. Temporary Accommodation Hostels Airbnb- I personally prefer this method. [...]

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