Meet Zain and Huda!

 I got the opportunity to interview Zain and Huda from Muslim Travelers! What makes Zain and Huda so special? Well, they travel around the world together as a couple and full-time professionals! For some of us, this is like #Goals.  Zain and Huda have been featured on HHWT, ILMfeed, International Halal Tourism Conference, Islam Channel to [...]

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Al Musafir: The Traveler

Follow us today as I discuss with Aisha AKA Al Musafir about her travel adventures. Aisha is a British Muslim who has been to over 40 countries. From this interview you will discover  what country is the Most Halal Friendly, Travel tips, Career as a traveler and so forth. Stay Tuned! PART 1 On this [...]

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Asma from Austria Part 2

  We continue from where we left off regarding Asma's influences. Right now we learn about Asma's travel recommendation and what Austrian food you must try. Stay tuned. Welcome back, listeners. In our first part interview, we got to know Asma's background and some of her major influences. Now we shall continue to [...]

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