Travel Life: New York City

Travel Life: Skyline of New York City

Let’s be honest if you live in North America, you have the short end of the stick when it comes to vacation days. 2 weeks is just not enough, especially if you love to travel. The good news is, humans are resourceful and always find ways around any obstacle. Travel lovers are making it work and I’m here to tell you how.

There’s a lot of oversimplification and misinformation when it comes to traveling these days. You probably have seen tons of articles encouraging you to quit your job and travel the world. “Just do it and everything will fall into place”. Actually, everything will fall apart if you don’t plan. As much as I love traveling and I am a huge proponent of traveling frequently. I find these kinds of statements unrealistic.

What no one tells you is that you have to save for at least a years’ worth of living expenses before you quit your job or that you have to make sure you are ready to embrace fluctuating income streams, or that you have to be comfortable living in a new environment far away from the people you know/love, or that you have to be willing to sacrifice the comforts you once enjoyed, or that you have to ask yourself if you are running away from your problems.

Am I against people who just quit their jobs to jet off across the world? No, but before you “Quit your job” consider first negotiating with your boss. Ufuoma has found a win-win solution with her employer where she still earns a full-time income and travels at least 5 times a year to places on her list. Her advice is to make sure you have your travel goals clear to HR and even negotiate traveling allowance once given a job offer.  Jewels from Travel Jewels coordinates her trips between the standard U.S. vacation time and the extra federal holidays. Franny The Traveler takes advantage of her flexible teaching career to travel. She travels a lot even internationally on a 4-day holiday. It’s possible y’all!


  • You want something different
  • You have a good amount of savings
  • You have some lucrative skills
  • You want to travel beyond the 2 weeks limitation. Possibly a month, 3 months, a year?
  • You want to earn a comfortable salary but with more time flexibility?

then keep reading…..

Travel Life- Freedom Aliko Sunawang- Travel Life- The feeling of Freedom

Do you know that there are people:

  • Getting paid to travel?
  • Enjoying more than 3 vacations a year?
  • Earning standard or above-average salaries while traveling?
  • Moving to whatever location suits them regardless of their job function?


These sound too good to be true, right? I wish it were! There are actually people living like this and pursuing their love for travel. What is their secret? WAIT! if you are already on my email/newsletter list, you can find this free guide in your email. If you are not in my email list then ==>Click here to find out.


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