It is 4a.m in my city . I watch  the U.S. election anxiously as the candidate for the republican party supersedes in votes.  “This cannot be! Please any other candidate but HIM!” I say to myself. “ But the media’s prediction earlier was totally different from what is actually happening now?”, I continue in shock.  I decide to sleep hoping for a miracle.  I even dream in my sleep that this happens.  Boy was I wrong. I wake up to a nightmare.  For 10 minutes, I stare at my phone screen in utter disbelief as tears trickle down my face, and in shock. My world spins around wildly.

I can’t believe that the rights that many of us have today due to sacrifices made by great Americans in the past has resulted to this. “What happened to Liberty, Freedom and Justice for all?”.  Living abroad I have quickly realized how much impact America has on the world.  Although a young nation, many countries around the world look up to the U.S.  For some countries, the U.S. is a template for how they should deal with certain issues, for others it is a ray hope and progression.  It disheartens me to see online posts of minorities (religious, racial, sexual oriented) feeling scared or Muslim women in hijab contemplating taking it off and some even threatened based on their appearance.

All these event made me feel down the entire day and I was lucky that there was a local holiday in the city I live in because I honestly didn’t have the desire to do anything productive. After taking time to reflect on the events of November 9, 2016.  I told myself this and now I am sharing it with you:

My fellow Americans, don’t lose hope, all those sacrifices made by heroic Americans aren’t going to waste. This might be a test for us to become unified as one. My fellow citizens of the world,  the U.S. is not perfect! Not everything done in the U.S. is the right thing and just because a system is practiced there doesn’t mean it would work for your society. The government of every respective country should listen to its people, put humanity first, be just and fair. My fellow Muslims out there I know you are truly scared. I am as well for my family and friends. Let this be our opportunity to show the beauty of our religion and be our unapologetic selves. This election has shown us that many people have no clue about the life of a real Muslim. They have been fed lies for years.  Talking about our fears and disappointment is the first step, the next and most important step is action. First of all let’s love ourselves. Unite within our communities. We don’t have the luxury to segregate ourselves in this day and age. Secondly let’s reach out to our local communities by spreading love regardless of the feedback.  Volunteer in your neighborhood,  support a cause in your local city or town,  ask of the welfare of your co-worker, neighbor, classmates and so on. advocate peace and justice for all communities.  Lastly, Muslims be true to yourselves, no matter the situation hold tight to your values.   It’s not gonna be easy, this I am sure of. But remember “After every hardship there’s relief” and nothing worthwhile comes easy. Persevere, what seems impossible now would surprise you for the best outcome in the future iA.  My fellow immigrants remember this, unless you are native American. We are all IMMIGRANTS.    You are as American as any other American citizen. Don’t let people’s hateful statement  of  “go back to your country” disturb you. 

No matter our Racial, Sexual, Religious, and National background we are not going anywhere, we are here to stay. The people of a country are what makes a country great and I believe in the people.   Now excuse me as I head back to work and try to avoid all the budding questions foreigners have about U.S. ‘s fate

Love, Peace and Unity:

Peace Sign