In March 2016, I spent about 18 hours in Valencia for the annual Fallas Celebration.  This is a week-long event whereby massive caricatures of politicians, celebrities, cartoons, and other popular figure effigies are being paraded around the city. I recommend you to experience this moment once in your life. There is a huge emphasis on once! If you happen to visit Valencia during Fallas week, expect non-stop fireworks, pre-reserved restaurants, and closed stores. So plan a month in advance to avoid any frustrations. Here is a Valencia Itinerary of what to try foods, what to do and what to see in Valencia in one day.

Valencia Itinerary

Valencia Itinerary: Fallas Parade

Valencia Itinerary: EAT

 Horchata/Orxata: is the special Valencian drink. It is milky in nature and is made of ground nuts, tiger nuts, and rice. So if you are allergic to nuts, Horchata may not be for you. Horchata is originally from Valencia but you can also find it in many Latin American countries. A recommended place to try Horchata in Valencia, Spain is at Orxata Daniel or Horchateria Daniel.
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You simply can’t leave Valencia without trying PAELLA. This is where it is originated, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You can have it anywhere in Valencia but if you have time, the really really good places are on the outskirts of Valencia city. These places include towns like; Pinedo, El Saler, El Palmar etc. If you don’t want to venture far, try these restaurants in the city: Arroceria La Valenciana, or Casa Roberto.   With that being said, you’ll still have an amazing paella dish anywhere in Valencia. 
Sweets:  If you are craving something sweet try Petite brioche, Dulce de leche, Oslo (for Vegetarians). Also, makes sure to try Bunyols which are donut like sweets that you can also dip in thick hot chocolate.

Valencia Itinerary: SEE

Torres de Serranos
Valencia Itinerary

Valencia Itinerary: Torres de Serrano

This is the largest city gateway in all of Europe. You can climb up the towers to see the view of the entire city and the Turia river. 
Torres de Quart; It’s hard to miss these double towers. They were once used as a tower of defense for the city of Valencia. Today they serve as a monument. The Cost of entry is 2 euros from Monday to Saturday. Sundays are free.  
Fun Fact: The exterior of the monument still shows signs of the bombardments suffered during France’s siege of the city in 1808. The building has been used through the centuries for different purposes, from a womans prison to a military prison.

Valencia Itinerary: DO

Explore Barrio del Carmen, the old town in Valencia.
Barrio del Carmen is a charming little neighborhood located right in the center of the main city. Walk through this Enchanting neighborhood and enjoy the scene of medieval houses.

Fun Fact: Barrio del Carmen grew enclosed between two walls, one Muslim and another Christian, in order to better defend the city. At first, Monasterio de Nuestra Señora del Carmen was built outside the Muslim walls in 1281. It was not until 1356 that the new Christian wall was built, leaving the monastery within the city limits and creating what we now know as Barrio del Carmen.

Visit the famous Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias y Oceanografico.



Valencia Itinerary: ciutat d' artes y ciencias

Valencia d’artes y ciencias-Valencia, Spain

A selfie is a must here. This is probably the most famous building in Spain after the Sagrada Familia. The Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias y Oceanografico aka The city of arts, sciences and oceanography is exactly what its title suggests. You can go in explore the exhibits and see the animals. See the prices for each section here
Go to the Natural Park of Albufera ( Parque Natural de Albufera)
Valencia Itinerary

Valencia Itinerary-Voluns-Parque Natural de Albufera

It’s a bit out of Valencia, but worth the view.
Palacio del Marques de dos Aguas 
Valencia Itinerary: Palace

Valencia Itinerary-wikimediacommons-marques de dos aguas-Valencia, Spain

If Museums are not your thing, you might have to think again when it comes to Palacio de Marques de dos Aguas. This luxurious palace combines the style of Rococo, neoclassical and oriental elements into its design.  The Palace is both beautiful on the outside and the inside.
Go to a Valencia Beach
Valencia has tons of beaches to choose from. Some of the notable and preferred beaches are Las Arenas, La Malvarosa, El Saler, La Garrofera beach, and the Albufera national park.
Stop by the hidden round plaza (Escondida plaza Redonda) and take a picture
 If you are lucky enough, you’ll find this hidden round plaza area in the center of Valencia.  There is not much to do there but just mostly shopping. 
Go to the Mercado Central (Central Market)
Visit la Lonja de laSeda
La lonja de la seda is one of the world’s oldest heritage monuments. It used to be a silk trading room, hence the name ‘Lonja” which means silk. Today it’s a monument and a museum.
Take a pic with one of Valencia’s street art figures
Valencia Itinerary: Street Art

Valencia art-Valencia, Spain

Valencia is a city full of many street artworks. One of Valencia’s well-known graffiti artist is David  Lemon. He frequently changes the location of his street art, so you might have to seek them.
Visit Valencia’s hipster neighborhood
Ruzafa is known to be Valencia’s hipster neighborhood. It is home to the best tapa restaurants and the most interesting art galleries. Learn more about Ruzafa
When is the best time to visit Valencia? you may ask- Fall, Spring, and Early Summer.
Hope you found these tips useful to start your day in Valencia.
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Valencia Itinerary- Ciencias