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Walking through Calle de salvador on a Friday afternoon, one can see crowds of men and women from different backgrounds coming in and out of the Centro Cultural Islamico in Madrid for spiritual feeding.  Just down the adjacent street of the Mosque is Masturah Salon.   Masturah Salon is a beauty and hair shop specialized for Muslim women. It was created in 2014 and it is the first ever Muslim women salon in Spain. 

Meet the founder


Masturah Salon

Masturah Salon in China Town

Yasmin is a young Spanish entrepreneur who strives for the inclusion of Muslims and Women in her community. 

Living in Spain as a Muslim especially as a woman, wearing the hijab (headscarf) could be very challenging. Some of the challenges that Muslim women face in this society includes: distrust and fear of the unknown, constant criticism, prejudice, little to lack of job opportunities etc. 

Yasmin has had her fair share of all the challenges mentioned above. During her early career working in the tourism industry, Yasmin would only get jobs where she was behind the scenes or just making calls. All her applications where turned down when she applied for other positions that would put her in the forefront of businesses.

She later switched to starting her own business. Her initial attempts failed due to negative prejudices from locals and limiting her market niche.

Despite all these, Yasmin still kept the entrepreneurial spirit burning not letting the external hurdles deter her; Masturah Salon was born. 

Yasmin’s goal is to reach out to her community in order to create awareness, peace and understanding of Muslims. She hopes to empower women to be their unapologetic selves and create the change they want to see. 

Some awards that Yasmin has received are:

  • Innovative Muslim Entrepreneur in Spain
  • The Rochfield Foundation awarded Masturah Jobs for Social Change
  • Talented Women Entrepreneurs of Spain by the US Embassy in Madrid.

When Yasmin is not working hard to change the world, you can find her drawing, traveling or taking pictures.

Masturah Salon


Masturah Salon is a place where Muslim women can feel comfortable to get their hair or make up done. Most Muslim women generally prefer to safeguard their privacy and Masturah Salon offers exactly that. The salon has a tinted glass window that prevents passersby from looking in.  The employees that cater to clients are all women. 

Masturah Salon

Other Project

Yasmin is currently working on another project, Masturah Jobs that assists Muslims women break into the work place. 

For more information subscribe or follow Masturah Salon on the following tools:

Webiste: http://www.masturahsalon.com/

Facebook:  Masturah

Twitter: @MasturahSalon

Instagram: Masturah_muslimsalon

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